5 Things You Can Learn From the Success of Savage X Fenty

5 Things You Can Learn From the Success of Savage X Fenty

I like to consider lingerie part of the beauty industry. Recently it was announced that Savage X Fenty would be opening brick and mortar stores across the US this year and I wanted to give y'all a break down on some of the things this brand has done to be successful and how you can apply it to your own business!

1. Use Influencer Marketing

People TRUST the opinions of their favorite influencer. Influencers/brand ambassadors give you credibility and put your product right in front of your target audience. It doesn't have to be an influencer with millions of followers either!


2. Offer VIP Membership

Savage X Fenty’s XTRA VIP Membership encourages customers to buy more and shop more often. Encourage your customers to return by giving them special offers and discounts through a VIP list or membership.


3. Be Size Inclusive

One size “fits most” is an outdated ideal. The average size of a women in the US is size 16.  Brands not catering to this market are missing out on significant opportunity. Include larger sizes don’t segregate them.


4. Know Your Audience

Victoria’s Secret’s image has always been based around being sexy for a MAN (the male gaze). But, Savage X Fenty is not about being sexy for a man, it is about feeling EMPOWERED in the skin you’re in, that in turn makes you sexy. This brand message resonates more with today’s Millennials and GenZers. It is so important to understand your target audience’s interest!


5. Be Authentic

When you genuinely want to help your audience look and feel good about themselves and you put your BEST into it, it shows in your branding. One thing about RiRi she’s going to always be true to who she is and what she believes in. “I want to be as disruptive as possible.” -Rihanna

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