How to Make Money Selling Press On Nails

How to Make Money Selling Press On Nails

The Press-On nail industry is booming! With a low cost of entry press-ons are the perfect product for someone looking to sell a beauty product online or a nail tech who is looking to supplement their income. Here are 4 tips to help you actually make money selling your press-on nails.

1. Let People Know You Exist

Get consistent on one of the major social media platforms. I recommend Instagram or Tik Tok for a nail brand. Show up daily with video tutorials and reels showing off your process for creating or just showing off your press-ons.

2. Set Your Prices Accordingly

Your prices should be based on Cost of Goods (what it costs you to either get the nails from a vendor or make them) then you add your cost of labor which gives you at least a 50% markup. Along with that you can adjust the price according to how elaborate the design is and what your competition is selling nails with similar designs for.

3. Keep Up With Trends

One of the biggest issues I hear about buying Press-On Nails from the store is the lack of variety when it comes to designs and staying on trend with the latest styles. Keep up with the trends! Create or source from your vendors what's hot for the season. Check out Instagram and Pinterest for ideas on what type of nail designs are trending.

4. Use Social Proof

You create social proof by asking your customers for reviews after they have purchased your products. Make receiving a review an automation, so that an email is always sent out asking the customer to review the product (usually 30-45 days after purchase)

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